Published Work

Bees Matter by Erika Wassall

Bees Matter.jpg

Released in 2016.

Part of a Abdo Publishing/Core Library series on living Bioindicators aimed at grades three through six.  The health of the bees is representative of the health of the surrounding environment.  This book takes a step back and looks at what combination of factors could be affecting the health of bees, and what can be done going forward.  It was important to me that this book factually present multiple sides of the issue, allowing children to have access to all the information and viewpoints, and then come to their own conclusions.


Freelance Work:

I do a wide variety of freelance work from magazine articles to luxury product descriptions and educational curriculum work.

I also offer Book Reviews and moderately priced Manuscript Critiques for writers (examples: $10 for a picture book, 50 cents a page for overall (but detailed) comments on a novel)

My rates vary greatly based on the project.  I will be extremely and upfront honest if I don’t think I’m a good fit.



I’m VERY open to new ideas from others and love to talk about them.  Have a project you may want to collaborate on, or just want to has something out?  Just Contact me!


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