Cornbread Muffin recipe with Maple Syrup

It’s been too long!  While my posts have continued to go up weekly on other sites, I have been lax in linking to them here.  I hope you enjoy this recipe and rest assured you’ll be hearing from me again soon!


So the storm didn’t exactly turn into the life-altering event that it was threatening to be.  But around here, the preparation was the same.  Fences were double checked, animals had to be prepped, farm vehicles covered, the list went on.

Plus, Keith is helping a friend of ours this year with his commercial plowing business.  So any amount of snow still means weird hours, late night phone calls, and no time for cooking.

Ah…. the by-gone dream of cozy snow-days when everyone just curled up on the couch and called the day a wash!  Oh-well.  Every day is an adventure.

So to help with the crazy… well, life… I decided to make cornbread, a wonderfully filling and simple snack or side.  So check out my post on the Family Focus Blog website with this deliciously simple recipe and you’ll be snacking on uniquely comforting cornbread in less than 30 minutes!

Quick and Tasty Cornbread Muffins

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