Tomorrow: Debut with Family Focus Blog

I am a new contributor to the very successful and fantastic site:  Family Focus Blog.

It’s a really great site with articles on a wide-variety of topics, from cooking to travel tips and family activities to eco-friendly tips, DIY projects, parenting and more.  Plus they do these amazing giveaways on a regular basis.  (And I mean, serious giveaways people, good stuff!).  It’s a great site to keep on your daily-check in.

And I’m lucky enough to now be a regular contributor.  My posts will go up every Saturday and Wednesday with tomorrow being my first.  As a HUGE halloween lover, I did something spooky, my own take on Witch-Finger Cookies.


These are seriously scary.  I made them once and brought them to my friends house, thinking her kids would LOVE them (4 and 6), and they wouldn’t even come in the kitchen, let along EAT them.  LOL.  I think the ground almonds give the dough a “human” quality.  They’re super fun, and really delicious.  They come out like a light-almond shortbread.  Not too sweet.

So fair warning, bake appropriately!

And please check out the rest of the Family Focus Blog too.  Today she’s got some great ways to make your house smell like fall.  My favorite?  Pop a cut-up apple and a cinnamon stick in a pot of warm water!  How easy is that?

And look for my post tomorrow!  It will be my first one with Family Focus.  I can’t wait to really dig my fingers into this new project.  It’s genuinely a great site, and I’m proud to be a part of it.

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