Mastering Kid-Speak – Kathy Temean’s Writing and Illustrating for Children


My newest post went up today on Kathy’s wonderful website on Writing and Illustrating for Children.

It’s about the ebb and flow of how children’s speak, and how to be sure that tone is reflected in your own manuscripts.  Without it, you’ll lose the feeling of reality.  It’s an interesting topic, because I think it’s something that we as adults sometimes miss.  But kids will pick up on it instantaneously because it naturally just won’t feel quite “right” to them.  It’ll block their connection to the characters.

And without a bond to the characters, even a plot driven story will never have the impact you’re looking for.

So check out my tips on how to give yourself a dialogue tune up!

Mastering Kid-Speak: A Dialogue Tune Up – on Kathy Temean’s Writing and Illustrating for Children 

And of course, follow me on Twitter and tell me all about YOUR tips for bringing your characters to life!

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