Budget Tips – Realistic Budgeting at Any Age – Honesty for Breakfast article

Here is a link to my latest post in the world of the magazine, Honesty For Breakfast.

(Click here to read actual article –>)   Budget:  Here’s How You Do It.

budget scary

Most of the readers are in their 20s, so I wanted to give useful, realistic tips.  Budgeting is almost a four-letter-word to some people and my goal was to quell the fears.  I strongly believe that the most important part of a budget is NOT micromanaging every cent you spend, but financial AWARENESS.

Starting at any age, no matter what bills you have or don’t have, a budget helps you see money in a more realistic way as you grow older.  One of the biggest problems I think people (sometimes including myself!) have, is not really  knowing WHERE their money is going.  And that can be a slippery slope.

I remember being about 22 years old.  I was making pretty good money, and sharing an apartment.  No car payments, no major bills.  Compared to the complexities of my finances now, I had it made!!  So how come I was often having a hard time coming up with the rent money????  It didn’t make sense.  And I would be very frustrated come the 1st of every month.

When I finally tracked my money, I realized I was spending WAAAAY too much money eating out.  I vividly remember talking to my older brother about it.  He laughed out loud at the amount, and said that was more than he spent feeding his family of four and a half!!   (His wife was pregnant, no one was cutting anyone into pieces or anything)

Once I KNEW the problem, I was able to address it.  I have always loved cooking, so it wasn’t that I minded eating at home.  It simply hadn’t occurred to me.  I didn’t stop eating out.  But I understood how it was effecting me and made my choices accordingly.

That’s what this article is targeted to.  Simple ways to increase financial awareness that make you feel good about your decisions.  No one wants to feel like their budget controls them.  Hopefully after reading this article, you’ll see how budgets really put YOU in control.

Link to Honesty for Breakfast – Budget: Here’s How You Do It.

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