Just for FUN!


If anyone hasn’t yet checked out Honesty for Breakfast yet, I really suggest doing so.  It’s a great online magazine for girls in their twenties.  As a regular contributor, I have an inside view on the direction they decide to take.  And it’s really very fresh and fun, with a very honest and not-sugar coated tone.

Some of my upcoming articles have a bit of a more serious tone to them, but this last one was quite literally just for fun.  I had a few friends going on “first dates”.  They had been talking about how boring they are, and the awkward moments.  So we sat started spitballing new ideas on how to dress them up.  We came up with some pretty great ideas!

I was sitting there thinking, you know what?  Dinner and a movie is  HORRIBLE first date anyway.  You learn NOTHING about your date, and spend most of your time trying to think of what you can say to break the silence next time the conversation fades off.  So I came up with these Four Fun Flirty First Dates, why they’re great, and what message they send to the lucky guy.

Check it out here:                  Four Fun Flirty First Dates

And don’t forget to look around the rest of the site too!

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