Charity Contest Winner Announcement!

Wow.  This contest went REALLY well.  There was over 100 entries in total.  I met lots of great people and had a lot of fun.  I will definitely be doing this again… soon.  Maybe once a month is what I’m currently thinking.  With a new twist for additional excitement and intrigue…

→    I’m thinking  $10 for every hundred entries (min $20)   ←

The more people RT or follow me during the contest hours, the more money will get donated to charity.  This way, even if you don’t win, you’ll still have made a difference!   I’ll post the full details of what I come up with next week.

And don’t forget, you could RT me EVERY time you see one of my #CONTEST tweets for multiple entries!!

So without further ado…. the winner is…

HS  @Racer236  !!!

You know what…. things usually don’t work out that the person who entered the most actually win, but in this case it did!!!  HS not only followed me, but retweeted my contest related tweets numerous times with a total of 5 entries!

So CONGRATULATIONS to you!!!  I will be contacting you on Twitter via DM to see what charity you would like the $20 to go towards in your name (in the off chance that you want the charity name to not be publicized).  And we’ll discuss how you’d like a link to be used to your benefit.  This will of course depend on if you have a website and what it is.  I’d be willing to do an interview on my website if appropriate, mention it and include a link, tweet to it.

Winner gets what winner wants!

A big ‘ole thank you to everyone who was involved for making it such a success.  I hope you’ll participate next time.  I think I’m going to make this a monthly event for a while and see how that goes (I’m FAR from wealthy though, so I may have to cut that back at some point, lol!!)

Watch this space (HA!  I’ve never said that before… it makes me feel important for some reason) for more details on how the contest will be proceeding.  I’ll post a full details post next week so I can explain how it going to work in the next round.

Have a great weekend everyone!  The chickens are starting to slow down in their egg laying already.  But on the up-side I predict some home-made soup is in my future in the next few days.  It’s just chilly enough to make nothing taste better!!

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