New Article on Honesty for Breakfast

I’m really loving working with this online magazine. It gives me a chance to write about things I wouldn’t normally address. Dating and relationships are not topics I often write about, and you know what? It’s fun!

It’s a chance to look at my past and play around with memories. How exciting to let some of my own personal experiences become something that other people read about and how knows, maybe even get something from!

This article is about the famous line: Let’s just be friends.   (ugh, it’s even painful just to type!)

But as much as it invokes a natural eye-roll and groan every time I see it, I remember meaning it, I mean REALLY meaning it with all my heart. I wanted me and my ex to be good friends. I had visions in my brain about grabbing lunch together always keeping in touch.

Truth is, while this sounded great to ME, it wasn’t exactly fair to him. Breaking up is hard on everyone, but it’s definitely one of those situations where space and distance are kinder than that friendly check-in text that you can barley stop yourself from sending.

So check out my article on this link below, and don’t forget to peruse the rest of the magazine as well!

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

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