A Job in Corporate America may require a lot of SWIVEL action!

My next article for Honesty for Breakfast is really a follow up from last week.

If you remember my article Hate Your Job? Hang in there Baby! it talked about my horrible experience with waitressing, catty-coworkers, a boss that seemed to think he owned the staff, and pay that was a joke.  So why didn’t I ever act out one of those dramatic stomp-outs complete with a few choice words, that I acted out so many times in my head?  Find out in THAT post.  (HA!  got ya)

At the end of that piece I talk about how good it felt to quit when the time was right, and how excited I was about my new fancy job.  Here is where this article picks up.  I walk into my cubicle, enjoy more than my share of chair-swiveling and pencil organizing.  About a week or so later, I realize, I STILL don’t actually understand what they hired me to DO!

If you can relate, if you’ve had your share of water-cooler talk, or if you just want to have a laugh, read about my experience here:

Welcome To Corporate American… Now SWIVEL!

Leave a comment here, or contact me on Twitter @NJFarmScribe and tell me about YOUR experience!

~The Jersey Farm Scribe

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