Do the Blog Hop!!

I was invited by the wonderful and talented Kathryn Howes to be a part of this #writingprocess Blog Hop.  Being as it’s the day after Easter, I thought it would be particularly appropriate.


–      Okay, so REALLY, I didn’t think of the Easter connection until JUST now, as I’m writing this, but hey… didn’t that sound GOOD? LOL


The blog hop is great, it gives me a chance to link to some other wonderful blogs that I really suggest you all check out, like Katey of course, who graciously invited me to The Hop, Christina Hollis an author who has become a wonderful friend of mine via Twitter, Tracey Cox, a fellow 12×12-er and picture book writer, and Amy, who is developing a really wonderful blog.


Plus, I get to write about writing on my main page, which I don’t normally do.


For my regular readers, check back soon.  We’re putting up a greenhouse right now and I’ll taking LOTS of pictures so I can show you what I suggest you do…


… and what I suggest you DON’T do!    LOL       We learn as we go!!!



So on to The Hop!


First of all, make sure you go check out Katey’s blog to see her answers to these questions as well!  Thanks for the awesome invite Katey!  *waves sporadically*


1)  What am I working on?


I’m polishing up a few picture book manuscripts.  One was actually accepted into the agent round for NestPitch, which was a TON of fun.  I didn’t get any agent requests, but I met loads of great people, got some motivating compliments and had a great time.  It’s about two siblings and is called Who Do You Love the Most?  The kids create WILD exaggerations about why mom should love them most.  The craziness is balanced by mom’s steady and unwavering love and there is a great ending that pulls it all together when mom finally says that what she loves the MOST, is the whole family being together.


I’m VERY proud to now be a regular guest blogger on Kathy Temean’s website Writing and Illustrating with a new post up every other week.


I’m also giddy with excitment about being in the development stage of a chapter book.  I’ve found that chapter books fit my writing style wonderfully.  There is a bit more room to play and develop and I can write for an age I naturally relate to.


2)  How does my work differ from others in it’s genre?


I like to call my work kid-centric with drizzles of accidental learning.  I write what kids WANT to read.  I want my books to be the ones they sneak under the covers at night.  Characters they relate to, that live out the kid’s deepest desires.


In my chapter book, the two main characters will find the secret to the whole town and become heros.  What kid didn’t want to be a hero???  I always loved living vicariously through characters in books, and I want my readers to experience that.


I’m also a big fan of American History.  So there will be a few true to life amazing facts drizzled in.  But just enough that they don’t even realize they’ve sparked an interest to learn something!!


3)  Why Do I Write What I Do?


I had a wonderful friend of mine (check out Ferdia’s gorgeous blog on local nature, here) I met at an SCBWI meeting read a picture book of mine.  Among her other comments, she mentioned that I have a fast pace of writing and may enjoy writing chapter books.  She suggested I read Dan Gutman.


MAN!  Was she ever right!!!!


I have read over 50 chapter books at this point (part of my 100 chapter books in 3 months challenge) and over 10 of them have been Dan’s.  He is by FAR my favorite.  I relate to his writing style SO much.  I read my Dad a few pages one day, while trying to explain what a “chapter book” really is and he immediately laughed and said, “yup, no question there, that’s what you should write!”


4)  How Does my Writing Process work?


Yeah, I don’t really have one I guess.  Or… I have about 12, depending on how you look at it.  LOL


My life is crazy.  I have a full time job.  A farm, with new baby lambs, a greenhouse going up, we’re planting in the field for the first time this year.  And this is NO complaint.  I flourish when I’m busy.


The following should all be proceeded with the word:  Sometimes…:


… I schedule time to write.


… I write whenever I have a few spare minutes.  I write in the car if I’m early, or in a restaurant while I’m waiting for food.


… I write in my mind when I’m working on the farm and get it down later.


… I free write, allowing the heartbeat of the manuscript to take over.


… I outline the storyline so my random writing doesn’t take over.


… I work on one thing at a time.


… I work on three or four projects at a time.


…Lol… The list goes on…


Honestly, to me, the answer to that question is: My writing process… is that I write.




WOW.  That was SO fun!  Thanks again Katey for inviting me to the HOP!  (Everyone go check out her site!)


Now, seriously guys, Do the Blog Hop and Hop, Hop, Hop, to THESE amazing sites too.  Next week they’ll be posting on their writing process!:



Christina Hollis:  Writing from the heart, to the heart.  Check out her blook list!  It’s amazing.  And she’s got such a warm personality to go with it!  She has great tips on writing and a boat-load of great stuff on her site.


Tracy M Cox:  A wonderful fellow 12×12-er and picture book author.  She also has a PB critique service AND a platform building service you should check out too!


Amy Hollinger:  The President of the South Jersey Writer’s Group, she writes stories for kids and teens and is the editor for several short story collections.  But that’s not all!  She also does some crazy awesome stuff like takes flying trapeze lessons, and wants to run a race in every state!





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  1. sjoycarlson says:

    Enjoyed reading your Blog hop! I just like your Voice 🙂 Your chapter book sounds fun! Happy writing to you!

  2. lol says:

    I do agree with all the ideas you have introduced for your post.
    They are really convincing and can certainly work. Still,
    the posts are very brief for beginners. May just you please
    extend them a bit from next time? Thanks for the post.

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