Almost Lambing Time!

My shetland sheep are loving this weather.  They actually enjoy the cold, but a nice sunny day with a light breeze and they’re in heaven.


Which is good, because my three pregnant dears are so big they are basically waddling around their pasture at this point.

They are due for lambing at the VERY end of March.  So to get ready, this weekend I’ll be shearing them, giving them their vaccinations and clipping feet.  All of which they will HATE, so I say enjoy the happiness in the nice weather while you can girls!!

What’s coming up soon:

This weekend is shearing, CDTs (vaccinations) and feet trimming for the girls.  I’ll tell you how it goes for us (I can basically guarantee some comical stories, because sheering sheep for us, often ends up having some moments that could be pulled right from the Three Stooges) and give you some tips if you’re ever doing it yourself.

The weekend after that (March 22nd) we’ll be setting up the individual jugs that they’ll each lamb in.

Hopefully the weekend of March 29th, we’ll be lambing!!  Very exciting.

This is my first year of lambing on the farm so check back to see my mistakes, lessons learned (I’m sure there will be many) and some things that went well (hopefully there will at least be some of those too!)



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1 Response to Almost Lambing Time!

  1. Juliana Lee says:

    I’m definitely not a farmer, herder, or shepherd! But it does but Baa Baa Black Sheep in a whole new perspective for me! 🙂 Congratulations on your second shearing season!

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